About Me

Hello, my name is Melinda, I am the proud creator of YES ITS PAPER! and SanDelites Candles and More.  I stumbled on a hidden talent that I never knew I had, I went to school and worked in the profession for mental health, who knew I had a talent to create beautiful wearable art pieces out of various forms of paper.

In 2015 I went in for a outpatient procedure that went wrong and paralyzed me, several months later I suffered from a minor stroke which messed with my memory a little.  WOW! I believe I would have loved to hit the "do over" or "reset" button on that year. however that propelled my fibromyalgia into level 10, I was at the point I could not tolerate anything to touch my skin, everything seemed to cause great physical pain. One day I was researching DIY and stumbled on how to make jewelry out of paper..I tried it and found that I had a creative talent, in addition the jewelry pieces were easy to wear, they were not heavy, very light weight and I was able to create my pieces by using a heavy duty stretch cord, which would make it easy to slip on and off.  I thought to myself that I could not be the only who felt like this! I then found a community of women and some men who were suffering from the same or similar situation as I was, so then I decided to create jewelry that people who wanted to wear jewelry but had a difficult time as I had could enjoy, was easy to wear, had flavor, colorful, and uniqueness..You guessed it, that is how YES ITS PAPER! was developed.  Not only does the pieces add convenience, comfort, and easy to wear but they are a fantastic conversation piece. I could not begin to tell you how many conversations I have about my YES ITS PAPER jewelry line with so many people, once they find out how it was created they are always in AWW. 

Thank you for sharing my journey with me, I do hope that you find yourself a wonderful, unique, eco-friendly, conversation starter jewelry piece or a hand poured, unique, awesome smelling candle that will light up your room.

I want you to enjoy the unique gifting as I truly enjoy making it just for you.


Psalm 37:4 "DeLight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"